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Supporting the Whole Family

The gift of a therapeutic, interpersonal connection can result in important life changes, both large and small. That connection holds the promise of an improved and more balanced quality of life–not only for you, but for your loved ones.

The therapeutic relationship starts with careful listening on the part of the therapist. In a trusting, safe, compassionate, and respectful environment, healing will take place. You deserve to be heard, your feelings honored, and your hopes respected.

I look forward to meeting you and honoring your story.

I work with adults, couples, families, parents and children to create a strong, supportive, healthy, and well functioning family system. Some specific areas that I can support you and your family include postpartum support, early attachment with children, trauma, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, life transitions, interpersonal and intimate relationships, and grief.

As a parent and as a therapist, I believe in early intervention. Providing support to new parents so they feel more resourced and available to connect with their children and families, will greatly benefit the growth and development of the child and the family as a whole.

When therapeutic support is offered to a family right from birth (and even before the birth of the child), a foundation of a healthy attachment system is established, which makes easier the development of clear and open communication, trust, and support. This strong foundation will then provide the child and the entire family with an advantage of health and well-being, both physically and emotionally, throughout their life.

No matter what your circumstances or what stage of life you are seeking help, please know it is never too late to grow and change; creating deeper and more meaningful relationships that are founded in personal wellness.

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Meaning of My Logo


In my life, the bee and beehive symbolize family, community, cooperation, love, creation, the sweetness of one’s hard work, and possibility.

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