Boulder Parent Coach

Abbie Lasky, MA, LPC

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I offer the following services to support you and your family:

  • Parent Coaching to better manage specific concerns or problems
  • Therapeutic support to strengthen the parent-child relationship; First through observation and then by offering techniques and insights to facilitate healthier attachment, connection, and communication
  • Individual Therapy for parents
  • Couples Therapy for parents
  • Postpartum Support
  • Prenatal Support; adjusting and preparing for the birth of your child
  • Family Coaching for the entire family system


To best support you and your family, I provide services both in an office setting and/or in your home.

In our initial consultation, I can assess if home visits will be most beneficial to support you and your family. I also understand how challenging it can be to get out of the house during the first moments as a new parent and thus will be happy to meet you at your home.  




  • I am a Provider for Colorado Medicaid, Region 6 (Colorado Community Health Alliance). Please Inquire to see if I am accepting new Clients.
  • I also provide services for the Imagine! Early Intervention Program. If you are interested in finding out more about this program, please go to


Therapeutic Approach


My practice draws upon a variety of modalities, including somatic-based therapies, mindfulness practices, experiential processes, and systems perspectives.

I embrace a holistic approach that recognizes the mind-body connection. Research supports the effectiveness of somatic-based therapies, showing how the mind influences the body and how the body influences the mind.

My work is informed by core values that I hold dear, both professionally and personally. These include a belief:

  • In healing through healthy relationships
  • In the ability of people to adapt and change
  • In the importance of looking at every person as a unique individual who is connected to a larger system which affects their health and well-being  
  • That to be effective, a therapist must be open and flexible in order to support each person’s strengths, be respectful of each person’s individuality, and meet them where they are

My perspective on parenting includes a humanistic, holistic, and peaceful approach. I believe in the importance of creating limits and boundaries in a loving, respectful manner. Children are whole people who are to be respected and loved. Children also need to be cared for with an understanding of realistic expectations based on their age and development.

Furthermore, I believe in the importance of supporting each and every member of the family. In order to encourage the health and well-being for each individual in a family, we work with the full family system. We are interconnected and influenced by each person in our lives. Thus, I do not just look at one person as needing support but will instead take into account all the dynamics at play within the family and then determine where my services can be best implemented to create the greatest change and most positive outcomes.  

I am also committed to a holistic approach and will work closely with other professionals in the community to create a comprehensive, individualized, and integrated treatment plan for each client.


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